How to Make a Mohair Cinch

Horse Riding Girl - Horse stopped in front of obstacle image by Kradsmit from

Things You'll Need

  • Mohair
  • 2 belt buckle loops

A mohair cinch is a strap that is connected to the saddle of a horse. It holds the saddle on the horse and keeps the rider stable when riding the horse. Mohair is often used because it provides a softer and more comfortable material for the horse, and prevents the skin from chafing and the formation of sores. All you need is mohair and two metal looped belt buckles to make a comfortable mohair cinch.

Measure your horse’s girth and height so that you know what size to make the cinch. Generally, an average horse will measure between 32 to 34 inches, or 36 to 50 inches for large horses. However, accurate size, weight and build of the horse will be needed before you make the mohair cinch.

Set aside the appropriate length of mohair string that you will need. Using mohair will be softer on the horse and make it more comfortable for the horse when you are riding.

Loop one end of the mohair string into a belt buckle loop made of metal.

Loop the string from one end to the other belt buckle loop until you have about 15 lines of string lining each end of the metal loop.

Tie the end of the string to the loop in a double knot to ensure that it remains stable.