How to Make A May Day Basket

A May Day basket is fun to make and put on your neighbor's front door on May Day. They are easy and inexpensive to make, and your neighbors and friends will be delighted with the surprise on their front door. You can create a variety of May Day baskets for your friends and family.

One common method of making May Day baskets is to use egg cartons. Cut the egg carton into three sections and set aside. Cut construction paper or tag board into 2-inch strips. Glue two strips together for each handle to make it stronger. Staple strips onto each side of the egg trays, forming a handle.

To make cone-shaped May Day baskets, use a piece of construction paper and fold it into a cone shape. Staple in place. Use different colors of construction paper and cut them the long way into 2-inch strips. Glue two strips together for strength, and attach the strips to each side of the cone.

Paper plates can also be used to make May Day baskets. First, take one paper plate and cut it in half. Place a full paper plate right-side up and place a cut piece upside down on top of it. Line up the bottoms and staple together, creating a pouch. Use colored markers or crayons to draw pictures, flowers or write "Happy May Day" on the front. Use yarn, ribbon or construction paper strips for the handles/hanger. Place one end on either side of the top of the full paper plate.

To create the finishing touches for your May Day baskets, fill the tray with your choice of decorative items, such as silk flowers, fake grass with flowers made out of construction paper, jelly beans, tea bags, homemade cookies or anything else you have at your house. Tie a ribbon of yarn or other material for the final flourish.

On May 1, go to your neighbor's house, hang the May Day basket on their door handle or on the front stoop, ring the doorbell and hide. Watch their surprise as they open their door and see the May Day basket. The tradition is that if you are caught, they give you a kiss but you can come out from hiding and wish them a happy May Day.

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