How to Make a Magnetic Bookmark

How to Make a Magnetic Bookmark. Magnetic bookmarks fold over the top or side of a page and magnetize through the page. They have great staying power, and are a pretty addition to any book. You might also consider customizing your magnetic bookmarks to advertise a fundraiser, business or function. A few simple steps will help you make your own magnetic bookmarks in no time.

Keep in mind that your bookmarks will fold, so you need to choose a piece of card stock or other durable paper that can stand some wear. Cut a rectangle, approximately 4 inches by 2 inches and your bookmark, when folded, will be a 2x2 square.

Choose an image that you like or draw your own. You can choose an image online, print it, and then trim it down to size, or you can manipulate the image digitally by cropping it in a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. However, if you plan to do this project with a child or you're just feeling creative, make your own picture with markers, crayons or paint.

Fold your bookmark in half--picture side up--after you've printed your image onto card stock. Be sure to make a crisp crease in the precise middle of the paper. A thin ruler is a great way to make a sharp crease. Simply fold the card stock over the ruler for a straight line resulting in the 2x2 bookmark.

Add a magnet to each of the blank insides of your bookmark. When your bookmark is folded over a page of your book or magazine, the magnets will securely hold the bookmark in place to prevent slippage. They will attract to each other through the page.

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