How to Make a Leather Wallet

How to Make a Leather Wallet. There are many patterns, designs and instructions available in books and online to help you make a leather wallet. With a little patience, you can make a leather wallet that's complimentary to your personality, and it doesn't take very much to get started.

Gather all of the materials needed according to your wallet pattern. Make sure you have everything you need ahead of time to insure the best results.

Fold your leather, and hammer it against the lines of your pattern to create two creases. Make sure that both sides of your wallet are even. Apply rubber cement to seal the edges, let it dry, then top-stitch the edges together with your sewing machine.

Cut out an appliqué or any leather pieces needed to make leather designs for your wallet. Rubber cement them where you want them to go. Let the cement dry, then top-stitch them to the front of the wallet.

Use an awl to apply the hook and faster to an appliqué piece of leather. Cement it to the wrong side of the appliqué piece, then top-stitch the piece onto the wallet.

Apply rubber cement to any other design appliqué pieces that will appear on the front or back of the wallet. Top-stitch them.

Top-stitch down the edges of the wallet about an eighth inch from the edge using a Teflon foot. Stitch across the bottom edge and over the folds to create side gussets to make a leather wallet.

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