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How to Make a Lariat Rope Cross for Wall Decor

Unravel 6 inches at the end of the lariat to add an interesting element to the lariat cross.
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A lariat is a rope with a loop on the end that tightens once the loop is placed or thrown over something like a cow, calf or horse. Lariats are a fixture for ranchers and rodeo cowboys and cowgirls. The lariat evokes the open prairie, the cowboy heritage and nature. While the lariat continues to have a utilitarian function, it is also used in creating ornamentation in homes with a Western or natural theme.

Things You'll Need:

  • Greenery
  • Hot Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Flowers
  • Faith Representations

Plan your lariat rope cross decoration. Before starting to create the lariat rope cross wall decor, make a sketch of what you want it to look like. Make a list of supplies you’ll need to complete the project, including things to decorate the cross wall decor.

Measure the space on the wall where you plan to hang the decoration to make sure what you have in mind will fit the space and work with the theme of the rest of the room. Before trying to form a lariat into a cross, take a sturdy piece of cardboard and cut out a cross in the size you plan to make the lariat wall decor.

Make or buy a lariat. Buying a lariat can get expensive, but they are available. You can also buy and use a lariat created for children. For much less than the price of an already formed lariat you can purchase a length of rope as long or short and as thick as you need. A rope can be 10, 20 or more feet long. To form the slip loop, make a small loop at one end and tie a knot. Feed the other end through the loop until you have a lariat loop.

Lay the cardboard cross onto the surface on which you wish to work. Open the lariat loop and fit it down over the cross piece of the cross. The cardboard cross serves as a guide to building the lariat rope cross. Lay the lariat rope down one side of the cross piece and up the other side.

Build the lariat rope cross one layer at a time, following the contours of the cardboard cross. You can build the cross until the lariat rope is used up or you can use fabric or hot glue to secure each layer as you build it.

Decorate the wall decor cross. If you plan to insert leaves, greenery, stems or flowers between the layers of the lariat rope wall decor cross, do so as you build the outline of the cross. If you plan to add decorations to the front, wait until the lariat rope cross is completed before doing so.

Add smaller crosses or other representations of faith to the lariat rope cross wall decor using hot glue or by adding ties and hanging the items like ornaments from the wall decor cross. Hang the lariat rope cross on the wall.

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