How to Make a Large Birthday Card

Card by Natasha Lawrence

Things You'll Need

  • White or colored card stock
  • Decorative paper
  • Plain and fancy scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Embellishments
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Self-sticking decorations
  • Markers
  • Large envelope

Receiving a large handmade birthday card is always a nice surprise. It shows someone cares and has taken the time to create something special to say "Happy Birthday." Creating a large three-dimensional card invites the recipient to feel the embellishments. One's imagination can be unlimited as many resources are easily available.

Fold a sheet of card stock in half. Make a neat crease. On the front, cut decorative paper a little smaller with plain or fancy scissors. Attach to the front of the card with double-sided tape.

Cut another piece of decorative paper a little smaller than the one before (see Step 1). Attach to the front of the card with double-sided tape.

Attach embellishments to the front of the card as desired with hot glue and/or self-sticking decorations. This can include candles, a sign that says "Happy Birthday," presents or balloons.

With markers, write a special greeting on the inside of the card. Insert in the envelope and mail (make sure the postage is correct for an oversized card). If desired, add decorations on the envelope but make sure they won't fall off in handling.


  • Expired wallpaper sample books contain embossed and colorful images to use for cards or other crafts. The books are free for the asking at home decorator stores.


  • If a child is participating in this project, an adult should use the hot glue gun.

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