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How to Add Custom Music to a Greeting Card

Record your loved one's favorite song in a greeting card.
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The sound of your favorite song can bring you back to a happy memory and make your birthday, anniversary or other special occasion even more meaningful. Sound greeting cards have a small device between the folds of the card that plays a prerecorded song or message when the card is opened. You can add your own music to a custom made greeting card with the press of a button. Before you record your message, you must design a card that has three equal panels so that the sound module can be concealed between the card.

Things You'll Need:

  • Greeting Card Sound Module
  • Greeting Card
  • Music Device With Desired Audio Track

Remove the clear plastic key from the sound module to begin the recording process.

Press and hold the record button. Before you record, make sure you have the music ready for the card. As soon as you press the record button, play the music clip from your music player. Small sound modules only let you play about 20 to 30 seconds, so you should prepare the clip in advance so it plays at the spot you want.

Press the playback button to hear your music. If you are not satisfied, press the record button again to record your music again.

Adhere the sound module into the center panel of your card. Line up the notch of the sound module so that part of the module extends into the first panel of the card.

Close the card, folding the right panel over top of the sound module to conceal it. Fold the left panel over top to reveal the cover of your card.

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