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How to Make a Knight's Helmet From Tin Foil

It can be fun and thrifty to make and design your own costumes for things such as plays, Halloween and parties. With a little creativity, you can become a knight by making the signature piece of the costume--the shiny helmet. Here is how to give that knight's helmet some "bling" with tin foil.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Card Board (Such As An Old Box)
  • Glue And/Or Tape
  • String And/Or Wire
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Tin Foil
  • Crayons Or Other Coloring Measures

Think about the design you would like to make using these materials and remember to be creative. Keep in mind if you would like to have a functional face mask on the helmet, one that is not functional, or if you wouldn't like one at all.

Outline the design for your helmet on the cardboard. Using a ruler to measure the outline and straight edges is also helpful for a neat design and finished look.

Cut the outlined design out from the cardboard. Be sure not to work too fast as you might make a mistake. You can use strips of cardboard to form the rounded "hat" piece to fit over the top of your head. Use one strip to go from the bridge of the nose to the back of your neck and the other to go from one ear over your head to the other ear.

Tape or glue the design pieces together where necessary. You may also use the wire or string as a make-shift hinge for a functional face-mask, if you would like. If wire is used, wrapping it in colored yarn or string may add affect.

Cover the design cardboard pieces with tin foil where desired and glue or tape the tin foil down where necessary. You may also color any exposed cardboard if desired. Be sure to press the tin foil as flush as possible with the frame to avoid the foil from flapping around.

Allow time to dry if using glue. Also be sure that any exposed tape may not be visible from the distance the audience may be viewing, if applicable.


  • Make sure to round off any wire that may come in contact with skin to avoid even minor scratches and injury.
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