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How to Make a Kirby Costume

Make a Kirby Costume
Photo from www.kirbykirbykirby.com/

Kirby is a loveable Nintendo character from many different video games. Originally named Popopo by Japanese game designers, Kirby is now known as the cute pink blob that inhales and swallows very process, but it is definitely a very notable and memorable costume that is sure to be adored by any video game fan who has ever played Super Smash Bros. or Kirby's Dream Land.

Make a Kirby Costume
Photo from www.kirbykirbykirby.com/

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • 11 Yards Of Sturdy, Bendable Wire
  • Paintbrush
  • Pink Shoes (Optional)
  • 2 Yards Of Pink Vinyl Or Plastic Fabric
  • Acrylic Or Fabric Paint
  • Wire Cutters
  • Duct Tape Or Masking Tape

Collect a measurement to fit loosely around your neck. This hole has to be large enough for you to easily slide your head in and out of, so add 2 to 3 inches around the circumference of the widest part of your head.

Collect another measurement loosely around your shins. Be sure to leave room for you to walk comfortably in your costume, so add at least 8 to 10 inches of extra width to the circumference of this measurement.

Cut your pieces of wire from step 1 and 2 to size. The neck piece will be the top of your costume, the shin measurement will be the bottom of your Kirby costume.

Connect the ends of your neck piece to make a circle. This will be the foundation of your costume that you will attach other wires to and make a sphere shape. Connect the ends of your shin piece as well to form the bottom base of your costume.

Collect a measurement from your neck to your ankles. Allow about an inch of extra wire on each end to have room to bend your wire into place. This will be the length of your costume. Cut eight pieces of wire to this length.

Collect your eight pieces together and bend to form a convex shape. Make sure your pieces are even and bent into a slight C-shape; these will help your costume take on the sphere shape that is classic Kirby.

Position each of your eight pieces evenly around your neck base. However, leave a space approximately 1 1/2 ft. wide in the back for you to step in and out of once your costume is complete. Attach to the neck base by twisting together and securing with string or hot glue.

Connect the other ends of your eight pieces to your shin piece by twisting and securing with string or glue. By now your costume should have a spherical shape.

Cover your sphere with pink material by simply wrapping around the sphere. To avoid too much excess, measure the distance between each wire and cut your material into panels. Attach by hand sewing or hot gluing in place. Secure each wire to the fabric with masking or duct tape on the inside of your sphere.

Remember to leave an opening in the back of your sphere approximately 1 1/2 feet wide uncovered and unsealed so you can easily slip in and out. If desired, attach a flap of fabric to the neck base that can be used as a flap to cover the opening once you step into your costume. Be sure not to seal this fabric shut, as you will need to lift it when you step into your costume and lift it up when exiting your costume.

Cut holes on either side for your arm to comfortably slide through, though wearing a large sphere may impair your functionality.

Paint Kirby's face onto the center front of your costume with acrylic or fabric paint. Let fully dry before wearing. Also paint arms onto your Kirby.

Wear your Kirby costume with a pair of pink shoes, or paint a pair on the bottom of your sphere.

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