How to Make a Homemade Pop Filter for Vocal Recording

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Things You'll Need

  • Metal hanger
  • Panty hose
  • Duct-tape (not required)

If you record at home and get popping "P's," you need to apply a pop filter or pop shield to the microphone. A makeshift filter can be put together from household items. It won't work in any professional setting, but it should effectively reduce the popping sounds.

Untwine and straighten out the hanger.

Form one end of the hanger into a hook. Wrap the hook around the straight part of the hanger so it is in a circle formation.


Pull the pantyhose over the hanger, circle end first. Position the hanger so the circle end is in one legging, and the fabric is pulled around it fairly tight.


Form the bottom of the straight edge of the wire into another hook. Fasten that on the microphone stand. If the makeshift filter does not remain in place well, secure it with duct-tape.



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