How to Make a Hardstyle Track

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Things You'll Need

  • Music software
  • Audio samples

Creating a hardstyle track can be a difficult task to complete if you don't know the basics. Hardstyle music, which originated from Germany, is a blend of electronic dance music. Hardstyle tracks are heavily influenced by hardcore techno, house and rave music so you must have a high-set tempo to compose one. Music-creation software is required when attempting to make a hardstyle track. Additional kick, snare and bass samples are recommended before trying to compose the beat.

Open the software and create a new audio file. Create four to five blank audio tracks on the interface. Download free sound samples online in MP3, WAV or AIFF format, whichever file your software supports.

Open the "Tempo" window or "BPM" section and set the tempo between "145-165." Open the "Metronome" option and set the "Measures" to "4/4." Add "kick" samples to the first track and press the "Play" button. Add "bass" samples to the second track in the same order as the "kick" on the first track. Listen to the samples as they play.

Press the "Stop" button and highlight the "kick" track. Open the "Effects" menu and add "Distortion" up to "30%." Highlight the "bass" track and add "Reverb" to it by selecting it from the "Effects" menu.

Play the beat and add "snare" samples on a blank track after every other "kick." Use the "EQ" option to modify the "bandpass filter" and the "gain" of the "snare." Highlight all of the samples together and "loop" them after each other by pasting.

Play the track and add "Compression" to the entire track. Don't add too much compression as all of the sounds will drown each other out. Open the "Gate" and "Overdrive" effects and apply as needed as you listen to the track.


  • Increase the "Distortion" of the kick if the volume isn't loud enough. Use the high pass filter effect on vocals.


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