How to Make a Hama Bead Mobile

Things You'll Need

  • Hama bead kit
  • Iron
  • Hangers
  • Yarn
  • Thread

Hama beads are those cute little plastic circles that you place on peg boards and melt together with the help of safety paper and a heated iron. Anyone who has been to daycare has made a Hama bead medallion. You can add to the creative process with a few simple steps and make a mobile out of your Hama bead medallions.

Choose a pegboard and place a Hama bead on each peg. You can make duplicates or make each pegboard different depending on your plans for the hanging mobile. Once you have the pegboard filled, use the safety paper to cover them and lightly iron to melt the beads together.

After the medallions have cooled you can hang them to make a mobile. Use a hanger for the mobile and dress it up by wrapping yarn around the wire.

Your Hama bead medallions can hang from different lengths by cutting a variety of thread lengths. Thread one end of the thread through an opening in the medallion and carry the thread to meet up with the other end and tie in a double knot. Repeat this step with each medallion until each one hangs from the hanger mobile. Now you are ready to display your creation. Hang in a bay window or in the garden or on your wall.


  • Melt beads enough to stick together but not to close up all the holes. You will need the holes to string to your mobile.

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