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How to Make a Friendship Bracelet With Magic Loops

Magic Loops, made by Creative Kids, are strips of plastic lace similar to Gimp, Rexlace or Boondoggle. The difference is that each Magic Loop is roughly 33 inches long, whereas the others come in sizes by the yard, including spools with upwards of 100 yards. Make jewelry using Magic Loops by wrapping the loops around preformed bracelet blanks. Blanks are found in many craft stores and come in several sizes based on the width of the blank.

Things You'll Need:

  • Craft Glue
  • Bracelet Blank
  • Scissors
  • Magic Loops

Place a line of craft glue as close to one end as possible and three-quarters of the way down the back of the bracelet.

Press the end of one Magic Loop to the glue so that the long end points up. Hold the loop in place until the glue dries.

Wrap the loop over the top of the bracelet, around the front and under the bottom. Keep the loop as close to the end of the bracelet as possible. Wrap the loop up the back, over the top, down the front and under the bottom again, this time resting the loop next to the part you just wrapped.

Continue wrapping the loop around the bracelet, keeping the wraps close together so that the bracelet does not show through. Stop when you reach the end of the bracelet and the end of the loop is at the back of the bracelet.

Place a line of glue three-fourths of the way up from the bottom of the back of the bracelet on the opposite end and where the loop has ended. Press the end of the loop to the glue and hold it in place until the glue dries.

Cut any remaining loop with the scissors, making sure none of it sticks up from the top of the bracelet.


Use Magic Loops to make weaved and knotted jewelry. Anything made using plastic lace is possible to make using Magic Loops. Alternatively, anything made using Magic Loops is possible with plastic lace. Just cut enough 33-inch pieces needed for the project. Make bracelet blanks using cardboard tubes from chip cans, gift wrapping or other products. Cut the cardboard tubes into the desired thickness and make sure the bracelets fit over hands. Alternate between colors any time you like. Glue the loop to the back and then cut off any extra. Then start with a new color. You do not need to use the entire loop. Do the same if you run out of loop before reaching the end of the bracelet. Make headbands and hair clips using blanks included with Magic Loops kits or found in craft stores. Use craft glue made to adhere plastic to other surfaces. Super glue works, too.

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