How to Make a Foldable Flip Book

By Jacqueline Winslow ; Updated September 15, 2017

Foldable flip books are a wonderful way to get children to start drawing and creating stories of their own. Children have an amazing ability to use their imagination, and creating foldable flip books is a wonderful way to let their creativity flow. The process for making foldable flip books is quite simple, making this a good project for small children, yet, it is challenging and interesting enough to keep older children engaged as well.

Making Foldable Flip Books

Take the construction paper and cut out a square shape. This will be the foldable flip book design. Cut out as many squares as you want in your foldable flip book. The squares will need to be big enough for the pictures.

Use the markers to make different designs on the squares of construction paper. Some examples are to make funny faces, ears, hats, animals and shapes. Make sure to use different colors to make each picture bright and colorful.

Place all the pictures on top of each other. Verify that all the pictures are facing the same way and you have them in the order you want.

Put a blank piece of the square construction paper on the front and back of the book. If you want, you can add a title page and author’s name. This can be a cute way of giving ownership to the child who made the book.

Take a stapler and staple the pictures together.

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