How to Make a Fleece Ski Mask

By Amy Lyn
A fleece ski mask will keep your face from freezing while swooshing down the slopes.

Fleece is a wonderfully versatile fabric that keeps the wearer comfortable and cozy even in the coldest weather. It can be made into blankets, ski wear, fashionable jackets, hats, pillows and more. For the novice seamstress or even someone with no inclination to sew, fleece is the ideal fabric because it does not unravel when cut. There are many projects that can be done using fleece, that require no sewing at all.

Measure around you head and add 2 inches to that measurement. This is the circumference of the hat and the width to which you cut your fabric.

Measure from the top of your head to your collar bone and add 8 inches. This is the length of your ski mask.

Cut a piece of fleece fabric the width and length of the above measurements.

Cut one strip of fleece 1 inch wide by the twice the length of the fabric plus an additional 8 inches. This is the lace to “sew” your mask together.

Cut one strip of fleece 1 inch x 8 inches. This is the tie for the top of the mask.

Fold the rectangle of fleece fabric in half, matching the long edges. One inch in from the edge and every inch down the long edge, pinch the fabric together and make a small cut, about ¼ inch, through both layers of fabric. These are the holes through which you’ll be feeding your laces.

Open the rectangle of fleece and lay flat then fold the two long edges in toward the middle, overlapping the edges slightly.

Lacing fleece together is a good alternative to sewing on certain projects.

Start at the bottom of the fabric tube and feed the laces in through the first two slits on the bottom edge. Feed them up until you have and equal length of lace on either side. Continue lacing the back of the ski mask as you would laces in a sneaker. When you reach the top of the ski mask, tie the two ends together in a knot leaving the tails hanging down. Be sure to tie the knot securely to hold the lacing in place.The tails of the laces are purely decorative and can be trimmed to whatever length you like. You'll be fringing the excess fabric around the top in Step 10.

Slip the fleece tube over your head until the bottom is on your collarbone. Pinch the top edge together in a bunch at the top of your head and slide it up over your head holding onto the top where you pinched.

Twist the pinched top and tie off with the 8-inch strip of fleece. Double knot for durability. You should have plenty of excess fabric at the top. Use your scissors to cut this fabric into slices down to where you tied off the top to create a fringed look.

Slide the tube back over your head and pinch the fabric together on either side of your eyes. Holding the pinched fabric together slide up over your head.

Keep the front of the ski mask folded where you pinched for your eye hole. Cut a very narrow curve from one point of the pinch to the other creating one narrow oval for your eye opening.

Slide the mask back over your head to decide if you’ve made the eye hole wide enough. Slide off and cut wider if necessary.


If your piece of fleece is not long enough to make a long continuous lace, cut two strips and knot them together.

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