How to Make a Fence in "Minecraft"

After you've built your safe home in "Minecraft," the last thing you want to come home to is an animal or zombie stubbornly blocking the entrance. Since neither creatures nor monsters can jump a full block in the air, surrounding your home with a fence prevents any from reaching your home. Both types of fences can withstand the explosions of creepers, though wooden fences still pose a risk for fires.

Wooden Fence

Gather your materials: four wooden planks and two wooden sticks.

Interact with your crafting table to open the 3-by-3 grid.

Place two wooden sticks in the center square and the one below it. Surround the sides of these sticks with wooden planks. If assorted properly, only the top row of the grid is empty. This recipe yields six standard fences.

Drag the image of the fence in the crafting grid to your inventory. This assembles the fence; you can't undo the crafting anymore. You can place the fence on the ground as you would any other object.

Wooden Gate

Interact with your crafting table when you have two wooden planks and four wooden sticks.

Place two wooden planks in the center square and the one below it. Surround the sides of these with wooden sticks. Similar to the fence, only the top row of the grid must be empty. This recipe yields a single wooden gate.

Drag the icon of a gate into your inventory. Place this next to your fence to attach the gate. Even though the gate is wooden, you can also attach it to a Nether Brick Fence. When placed, the gate functions exactly like a door, preventing you from having to jump over the fence to pass.

Nether Brick Fence

Open the crafting grid after gathering the required materials: six Nether Bricks. You can find these in the Nether, which requires a Nether Portal to access.

Fill the bottom two rows with Nether Bricks, leaving the top row empty again. This recipe yields six Nether Brick Fences.

Drag the Nether Brick Fence icon to your inventory, placing it onto the world like any other object.


  • The Nether Brick Fence has double the blast resistance of a standard fence, and it won't burn. This makes it optimal for protecting against Ghasts.

    To make a fence appear in the "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" crafting list, you'll need six sticks.

    Gates can also attach to cobblestone walls.


  • Though creepers might not blow up your wooden fence, explosions that cause fire are still a cause for concern. For example, a Ghast fireball would quickly eat away at the fence, leaving a gap open for other monsters to approach.

    You cannot make a gate made of Nether Bricks.