How to Make a Faux Trophy Animal

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Hunting lodges aren't the only place you'll find an animal head on the wall. More humane versions can be created in your own home, and you can even stretch your imagination and make a mythical creature, such as a unicorn. This whimsical creation looks adorable in a little girl's bedroom and reminds us of the magic all around us. Our template makes it easy to recreate this project using basic skills and supplies.


Things you Need (1) 30 inches by 40 inches sheet 3/16 inch foam board (1) 8.5 inches by 11 inches piece 1/2 inch foam board Spray adhesive Temporary glue stick Utility knife and/or exact-o style blade pen Straight edge Wrapping paper or other oversized printed paper 8.5 inches by 11 inches sheet contrasting paper Curling ribbon

Debbie Williams

Layout the pattern

Print the template and trim out the pieces. Tape together the head and main body pieces, carefully aligning them at the open lines. Adhere the pattern pieces to the 30 by 40 sheet of 3/16 inch of foam board using the temporary glue stick.

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Cut out pieces

Cut out all pieces taking care to hold the knife straight up and down to get a vertical edge. Trim the slots with a straight edge and take special care to keep the cuts vertical.

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Adhere the paper

Coat the pieces evenly and thoroughly with spray adhesive. Place the adhesive covered piece carefully on the paper and quickly spread out any wrinkles or bubbles. Work from the center out to the edges using enough pressure to adhere the paper, but not enough to compress the foam board.

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Trim the pieces

Trim each piece close to the board and repeat the process so that you end up with all pieces covered with paper on both sides. Take your time and trim the pieces carefully.

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Align the slots of the head and neck piece with the slots of the face and gently slide them into each other. Line up each piece in order starting with the neck base piece, and place the slots in line with the neck and head piece slots. Slide each piece into place including the nose.

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Place the horn

Leave the horn piece white or covered in paper according to your own design. Line up the finished pieces with each other at a 90-degree angle and the slots aligned. Push the pieces into each other, being careful not to break the point on the longest piece. Position the assembled horn in place on the main assembly and gently guide into place.

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Mounting plaque

Trim out the oval mounting piece from the 1/2 inch foam board. Pay special attention to maintaining a perpendicular angle to the cut because a 1/2 inch board is a little more difficult to cut. Adhere the contrasting paper to both sides and trim the paper away from the mounting slots. Glue the decorative trim to the edges of the mounting board with permanent adhesive or hot glue.

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Finish assembly

Align the slots of the mounting board with the main body piece and carefully push into place for a test fit. Glue the neck base to the mounting board with either permanent adhesive or hot glue. The unicorn will now stand without additional support.

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Final decoration

Cut pieces of ribbon about 24 inches in length. Hold each piece against the edge of a scissor blade and draw the ribbon across the blade making a curl. Make as any of these mane pieces as you wish. Hang the unicorn on the wall and finish by placing the curled ribbon as a mane. Glue each piece as placed until you are satisfied with the look.

Debbie Williams

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