How to Make a Fabric Wrapped Clothesline Basket

Clothesline is good for more than just hanging laundry.
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If you have some clothesline and scraps of cotton fabric, you've got all the supplies necessary to make a colorful coil basket. These baskets, made from clothesline wrapped in fabric scraps, are easy to make, and they're ideal for holding everything from balls of scrap yarn to spare keys. Larger coil baskets can even function as storage for bed linens and bath towels. Small coiled clothesline baskets only take a couple of hours to make, so you can make a whole collection over a single weekend.

Clothesline is good for more than just hanging laundry.
Two Clothespins 2 20080713-1210432 image by SIGNSofMIND from

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Clothesline
  • Ruler
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Cotton Fabric

Place a length of cotton fabric on a flat work surface.

Make 2-inch cuts into the fabric, cutting with the grain. Space the cuts 1/2 inch apart.

Tear the fabric into strips, starting at the cut edge and tearing with the grain.

Thread a fabric strip through the eye of a blunt tapestry needle.

Wrap the end of the threaded strip around one end of your clothesline, wrapping tightly and slightly overlapping the fabric in order to conceal the clothesline core.

Continue until you have covered 2 inches of clothesline and then coil the wrapped length into a tight spiral.

Secure the coiled cord in place by pushing your needle through the center of the coil and pulling the fabric strip taut.

Wrap another inch of clothesline with fabric and coil the fabric around the outer edge of the spiral. Push your needle between the two previous coils and pull the fabric to secure the clothesline in place.

Continue wrapping coiling and binding the clothesline until you've made a flat circle whose diameter is equal to the size of your finished basket base.

Begin adding sides to the basket; wrap another inch of clothesline and stack it on the basket base's edge coil. Push your needle through the space between the last two coils in the basket base to secure the basket side in place. Continue wrapping and binding until you've made a side coil that wraps around the entire basket base.

Stack subsequent basket side coils one on top of the other and sew between the two coils below to bind them in place. Keep stacking coils until your basket sides are the desired height.

Cut away the remaining length of clothesline, wrap it with fabric and sew it to the coil directly below it. Trim any excess fabric and hide the end between two coils.


  • When you need to add a new strip of fabric, just begin wrapping 3/4 inches before the end of the already-wrapped section of clothesline.