How to Make a Dollar Rosette Images

A dollar bill rosette is similar to an origami rosette. Since a dollar bill is made of paper, you can fold it as you would an ordinary piece of paper. Making a rosette requires folding the dollar bill in different directions until you end up with a fan-like circle. Dollar bill rosettes are often used to decorate wedding and graduation gifts.

Fold the bill in half vertically down the middle. The first crease should be down the middle of George Washington's portrait.

Take the first flap and fold it inward about 1/2 inch. Continue making an accordion-style fold back and forth until you reach the tip of the bill. Make even folds for a fuller and more defined rosette.

Turn the bill over to the unfolded half and repeat Step 2 on the unfolded side until both halves of the bill resemble an accordion.

Hold the pleats flat. Fold the accordion in half down the middle. Line up the ends so the fold is directly in the middle of the bill.

Join the ends of the pleats together on one side of the rosette and fold at a 45-degree angle. Press the fold firmly for a good crease. Fold the ends over a second time at a steeper angle and crease it well.

Open the dollar rosette on the other end and pull it together.

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 on the other side of the rosette to hold it open.