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How to Make a Doll From Wooden Thread Spools

Young girls enjoy different types of dolls.
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Wooden thread spool dolls have been around about as long as wooden spools. They are simple to make and are a fun project for kids around age 8 and up. Best of all, these cute dolls can be customized with hair, paint and clothes to your child’s liking. Nowadays most thread spools are made of plastic, but you are still able to find the wooden kind. In any case, either kind will work for this craft.

Things You'll Need:

  • Doll Hair
  • 9 Small Wooden Spools
  • 1 Large Wooden Spool
  • 5 Large Buttons
  • Long Beading Needle
  • Doll Clothes
  • Craft Glue
  • Elastic Thread
  • Paint Markers

Lay out the wooden spools so the largest spool is the body. Place one small spool as the head and two as each arm and leg. Set a button next to each arm, leg and above the head. Set the doll hair above the head for gluing later.

Thread a long piece of elastic thread through your beading needle.

Start at the head button, going through the first hole. Go through the head spool and through the center spool, through one of the legs, back up the same leg, through the center spool again and through one of the arms. Go back through the center spool again and do the second leg. Come back up and do the second arm. Go back through the second arm and up through the head and the top button again. Tie off your thread.

Apply some craft glue to the top of the head and position the doll hair.

Draw eyes, a nose and a mouth on the head spool with the paint marker, and dress the doll in the doll clothes.

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