How to Make a Construction Paper Tent

By Vera Leigh

Marshmallows roasting over the crackling fire. . .the sound of the wind ruffling the trees. . .the smell of untouched nature. Give your children a pre-camping lesson and relive the joys of camping (minus the bug spray) by making a campsite out of construction paper. You will allow your children to explore their creativity and spend an afternoon learning about campsite enjoyment and safety. It all begins with pitching your tent.

Fold and unfold the construction paper. Teach Me Mommy suggests folding a green sheet of construction paper "in four equal parts, length wise." Then unfold it, and it will look corrugated.

Place the paper upright on the foam so that it forms a tunnel. Secure the tent on the foam by placing rocks on the paper touching the foam. An alternative is to teach your children how tents are secured to the ground with stakes by using the push pins to secure the tent to the foam.

Another way to construct a paper tent is to horizontally place the paper in front of you. Bend the upper left- and right-hand corners down so that they meet. You now will see a triangle with two open flaps and a long rectangle below. Bend back the rectangle, and turn the paper over. Make sure the fold is flush with the triangle. Turn the paper back to the front, and use markers or crayons to draw inside the "tent flap." Finish with step 2.

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