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How to Make a Collage of Newspaper Clippings

Make a fun, unique collage by cutting out interesting newspaper articles.
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Things You'll Need:

  • Newspaper
  • Glue stick
  • Poster board or construction paper
  • Scissors

Some of the best home decorations are the simple handmade items that have been created from the heart. Whether it’s a funny comic strip or a photo of your favorite local sports team scoring the winning goal, a collage made from newspaper clippings is easy to create and can help preserve life’s treasured moments. Grab today’s, or last week’s issue, and peruse at your leisure. Cut out the articles that are special to you.

Find a Newspaper

Newspaper articles inspire creative collages.
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Peruse through a newspaper. Browse any section, but try to find stories or photos that have depth to them, (i.e., stories that make you think about something else, such as a Garfield comic strip that reminds you of a joke your uncle Buck once said). Uncle Buck’s photo can be used in your collage too and will add variety between newspaper clippings and photo clippings.

Read through or skim and try to find some cool pictures in the articles. Search for unique ideas that will make a fun collage. A clipping of the weekly forecast in the weather section predicts a beautiful, sunny vacation week ahead, and may be a nice touch to implement into your vacation collage upon your return.

Gather up all clippings for use in your collage.
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Clip as many photos, words or jokes that interest you. Cut loosely, with space around the edge, (you can trim up later).

Organize Your Clippings

Brainstorm creative ways to organize your collage.
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Lay your clippings on a flat surface. Your collage can be organized by separating different categories into separate piles, such as comic strips, sports or weather.

Think of what you want your final result to resemble. Consider framing your work or incorporating it into a scrapbook.

Curvy scissors can be used to create unique edges within your collage.
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Make fun shapes. Use curvy scissors or other scrapbooking tools, if you have them. Regular scissors work too. Trim up your clippings, if needed, to focus on the targeted words or images.

Attach Clippings to Poster Board

Adhere your clippings onto poster board or construction paper. Elmer’s glue sticks promise long-lasting results. Flip over each clipping one at a time, and stick onto poster board.

Position your clippings. You can have organization if you choose, and lay each category in a different corner of the poster board. Random clippings can be fun too.

Add color and photos to your collage.
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Apply finishing touches. Once the glue is dry enough, you can use colorful pens, stickers or photos on your newspaper collage.

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