How to Make a Cloth Shoe Holder

Things You'll Need

  • Heavyweight fabric
  • 3/4-inch dowel rods
  • Eye hooks
  • Cording
  • Sewing machine
  • Coordinating thread
  • Iron
  • Ironing board

A cloth shoe holder can help keep your shoes together and your closet or mudroom tidy. You can also use these practical shoe organizers to hold toiletries, craft supplies, baby items or toys. Customize the measurements of your shoe organizer for your needs. Men's shoes require larger organizer pockets, while you might want smaller ones for a child. Make the most of wall space or the back of a door with a hanging cloth shoe holder.

Measure the space available for the shoe holder in your closet, on the wall or on the back of a door, and note this measurement. Add one inch to the width measurement for seam allowances and three inches to the length. Cut two panels of heavy fabric for your cloth shoe organizer.

Determine the desired size for your shoe holder pockets. Cut your pockets the desired height plus one inch and two times the desired length. Hem all four sides of each pocket with a doubled 1/4-inch hem.

Press wide pleats into the sides of each shoe pocket for your cloth shoe organizer. Baste the pleats to secure them. Pin into place, and stitch onto one panel of the backing fabric. Repeat for the remaining pockets.

Place the front and back of your cloth shoe holder right sides together. Stitch around all four sides with a 1/2-inch seam allowance, leaving an opening to turn. Turn right-side out and press. Topstitch near the edge, closing the turning opening.

Fold one inch over at each short end of the shoe organizer. Stitch into place.

Thread a 3/4-inch dowel rod through each end. Screw two eye hooks into place on the top dowel rod. Run cording through the eye hooks, and hang your cloth shoe organizer.


  • Use heavyweight interfacing to stabilize lighter weight fabrics for this project.