How to Make a Cloth Baby Book

How to Make a Cloth Baby Book. Sure, you could buy a baby book for your little one, but you want to make something more personal. Maybe you have a specific theme in mind, or you want to make one that reflects your family heritage. Make your own! It's easier than you think to create a washable baby book. Here's how to do it.

Decide on a theme for the baby book. Good ones include colors, numbers, animals or shapes. You could also do one with a "where is the bunny/duck/puppy/kitten?" theme, showing the animal on top of, under or in different things like tables, baskets or chairs.

Buy muslin or a similar inexpensive cotton cloth at your local fabric store. Generally, a white or pale color will work best for a baby book.

Cut 12 by 12 inch square panels from the cloth. Make at least two. You will create the "pages" of the baby book from these panels.

Fold the squares into fourths and iron. Unfold and decide which side you will decorate.

Decorate each panel. Use fabric markers or pens to draw designs, sew or iron on patches, embroider simple designs or use fabric paint to make pictures consistent with your theme.

Go fold the panels in half, this time with the decorations on the inside. Sew around the edges of the panel. Leave a small area so that you can pull it inside out. Carefully sew the hole shut after you have done that with thread that matches the fabric color. Iron it flat.

Stitch the panels along the "spine" of your baby book. Add a small loop of fabric at the top if you wish. You have created a unique baby book!


Decide which of the two long, ironed fold lines will be the "top" of your panels before you start to decorate them. You will have four "tops" meeting along that line. Fold along this line and sew the outside edges for the best results. Personalize the book with the child's name for a special keepsake! If you have access to the proper software and a printer, you may want to consider making a book about family members. Transfer your digital photos to iron-ons and apply them to the different panels.

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