How to Make a Christmas Star From Plastic Canvas

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More than any other decoration, the Christmas star is one that becomes a family heirloom to be passed down through the generations. Instead of a generic store-bought star, why not make your own glorious creation from plastic canvas and metallic yarns? This handmade Christmas star will be the crowning glory of your holiday celebration.

Handmade Christmas stars make beautiful family heirlooms.
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Things You'll Need

  • Silver Metallic Yarn
  • Scissor
  • Gold Metallic Yarn
  • Acrylic Gems (Optional)
  • Clear-Drying Craft Glue Or Hot Glue Gun
  • Strong Wire
  • Yarn Needle
  • Plastic Canvas

Copy a basic five-pointed star pattern onto a piece of plastic canvas and cut it out. This star can be any size that will look great on your Christmas tree. Larger trees should have larger stars. Copy a second five-pointed star onto another piece of plastic canvas and cut that out. This one should be approximately three-quarters the size of the first star. Cut out a third star that is half the size of that one.

Thread the gold metallic yarn onto the yarn needle and push it up through the center of the largest plastic canvas star. Leave a tail about two inches long to weave in to the back of the stitches to secure the yarn. Make long stitches that radiate outward from the center of the star toward the five points. Adjust the length of the stitches to ensure smooth yet complete coverage of the plastic canvas. Weave the end of the yarn through in the back and clip the yarn.

Use the silver metallic thread to do the same type of stitching to the mid-sized plastic canvas star. If you prefer, you can make the stitches go in another direction. Consider using horizontal stripes or a small star-patterned stitch. For a classic Christmas star, the radiating pattern works well, however. As before, be sure to cover the star evenly with the stitches.

Cover the smallest star with the gold metallic thread in the same way. Since this star will be on top of the finished Christmas star decoration, take extra care to make the stitching even and neat.

Use the rest of the gold yarn on the needle to whip-stitch around the outer edge of the middle, silver-colored star. Do this by pushing the needle up from the bottom of the plastic canvas, looping the yarn around the outside edge, and then pushing the needle back up through the next hole. Use a length of silver metallic thread to whip-stitch the edges of both gold stars.

Apply clear-drying craft glue or use a hot glue gun in the center of the largest gold star. Position one end of a long piece of sturdy wire to the center. Press the silver star on and hold it until the bond is made. Be careful to align the stars with each other for a neat finished project. Glue the smallest gold star to the middle of the silver star. Allow the whole thing to dry thoroughly before continuing.

Glue on clear or colorful acrylic gems to the points of the stars if desired. You may also use beads, sequins, or other decorations. This step depends completely on your personal tastes and what type of Christmas star you want on your tree.

Curve the end of the sturdy wire that is glued in the center between the largest and middle-sized stars. Make a loop or a spiral pattern to attach the Christmas star to the top branch of the tree.


  • Do not put hot light bulbs near the Christmas star.