How to Make a Child's Poodle Skirt

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Large piece of tissue paper or newsprint
  • Felt
  • Elastic
  • Poodle iron-on
  • Other trim

How to Make a Child's Poodle Skirt. Every little girl should have a poodle skirt at some point in her growing up years. It's very simple to craft a poodle skirt for a little girl with just a little sewing ability and a bit of creativity. No pattern is needed. No fancy tools are required.

Measure your child. Take a measurement from your little girl's waist to how far down you want the skirt to hang. Measure around her waist.

Make a make-shift pattern. Add 1/4 of the waist measurement to the measurement for the length of the skirt. (For instance if the length measurement is 18 inches and the waist measurement is 20 inches, the new measurement is 23 inches.) On a large piece of tissue paper or blank newsprint, measure out the distance of the new measurement in all directions, to form a circle. From the middle point, measure out 1/4 of the waist measurement in all directions and cut this portion out. This is your pattern for the skirt. Make a pattern for the waistband by measuring out the waist measurement and adding 1/2 inch to it. The width of the waistband pattern should be 3 inches.

Purchase your fabric and accessories. Measure your pattern to determine how much fabric you'll need. You'll also need to buy a simple poodle iron-on, which should be available at craft stores. Consider any other detailing that would make your little girl's skirt a bit more unique to her and her tastes, such as pom-pom trim or rick-rack. Purchase elastic for the waistband.

Make the poodle skirt. Sew the waistband, folded in half, to the skirt. Leave an opening to put the elastic through. After threading the elastic through the waistband, sew the openings together. The skirt should be poofy and full. Iron on the poodle and add any trim.


  • The skirt works best using felt. There is very little need to sew other finishing touches with felt. However, other fabrics can be used, but will need to be finished differently. Contrasting colors of the skirt and poodle make a very attractive skirt.