How to Make a Cell Phone Cover Out of a Stuffed Animal

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Things You'll Need

  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Stuffed animal
  • Lining fabric
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Straight pins
  • Fabric glue

You can create a nice, soft cell phone holder to cushion its inevitable falls and also remind you of your favorite stuffed animal. If you've outgrown a stuffed animal but don't want to part with it forever, keep it around and save space by turning it into a cell phone holder. Its fur will give your phone extra cushion, and you'll always be reminded of your comforting stuffed animal friend.

A seam ripper helps you to take apart the animal without damaging the fake fur.
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Take apart your stuffed animal. Look for seams in the stuffed animal, and make a little cut with your scissors in the seam. Next, use the seam ripper to pull the seams apart. Discard the stuffing and lay the fake fur out flat on your work surface. You need two pieces of fake fur that are about 1 inch larger than your cell phone. Put your cell phone on top of the fake fur and cut around it for a pattern.

Chose a lightweight lining fabric for ease of cutting and sewing.
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Cut two pieces of lining fabric the same size as the two fake fur pieces. You can use fabrics like cotton, felt or polyester lining fabric. Just remember that your work will be easier if you use a lighter weight fabric for your lining fabric. The fake fur is thick, so using another thick fabric will be difficult -- but not impossible -- to use when you get to the sewing step.

Use thread the same color as your fake fur or lining fabric.
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Thread your needle and sew a piece of lining fabric to each of the fake fur pieces. Use long basting stitches close to the edges of the fabric. You want the wrong side of the lining fabric to face the smooth side of the fake fur.

Straight pins keep the fur in the correct position while you sew.
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Place the furry sides of the fake fur pieces together and line them up so their edges are all even. Pin three of the sides together, leaving one of the narrower sides open. Thread your needle and use small, tight stitches to sew around the three pinned sides of the cell phone cover. When you finish the seam, knot your thread tightly as close as possible to the fabric. Trim any excess thread with your scissors.

Keep your phone safe with your new cell phone cover.
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Turn the cell phone cover right side out so the fake fur is facing out. Use your fingers or a long skinny object like a pencil to push out the inner corners so it looks like a rectangle. Decorate the outside of your cell phone cover by gluing on rick rack, ribbon or your initials cut from felt. Insert your cell phone, and rest easy knowing that your old stuffed animal will protect your phone from falls.


  • Sew a ribbon onto the cell phone cover if you'd like a strap or, if your stuffed animal was small enough, you can attach the head at the open end to use to hold the cell phone in the cover.


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