How to Make a Castle Pop-Up Card

How to Make a Castle Pop-Up Card. Castle pop up cards work well for summer greetings, children's birthdays and party invitations. These cards are easy to constuct from templates you can print out from numerous sites online.

Print out a pop up castle template off the Internet (see Resources below). There are many available on the web that you can customize to suit your preferences.

Cut out the various pieces of the template and glue them onto thick card. The card should be as thick as poster board. You can print your template straight onto cardstock if your printer allows.

Score dashed or dotted lines on your template to create the bends of the castle so it can fold inside the card.

Cut out the pieces for the castle. On the template, follow along the thick black lines of the castle diagram. You should have a basic castle wall solid piece (the back piece), the front pop-out wall and a pop-out drawbridge or door.

Prepare the tabs or projectors for the pop-out process. All the little tabs that come with your template should be folded scored and glued into position on the inside of your blank greeting card or folded card stock. Let the back tabs dry before proceeding.

Attach the castle pieces in a logical order on the greeting card and let each attachment dry before proceeding to the next piece. Glue the back panel to its projector tabs, the middle layer or front wall tabs to the back castle and the front walls to the projectors. Attach the door or drawbridge projectors and the drawbridge or door.

Test your pop-up by folding the finished greeting card in half and opening. A little tweaking may be required before decorating the outer side of the card.

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