How to Make a Cardboard Helmet

How to Make a Cardboard Helmet. No knight or fighter costume is complete without a helmet. The problem is that metal helmets are often expensive and difficult to make. This cardboard helmet design is easy to make and very inexpensive. Alter this helmet design to fit the costume it needs to match.

Make a template or download a template from the Internet at The Dented Helmet website. To make a template, decide on a design and then measure around the face at the nose, around the forehead and from the top of the head to the neck. To draw the top of the helmet, make a circle 1 inch wider than the forehead measurement. Draw eight lines across the circle 1 to 2 inches apart like you are drawing slices of pie. All the lines need to intersect in the middle. Pick the front design of the helmet and draw a template of the design using your measurement of the width around the face. Use half the measurement on each side of the template.

Cut the design out of the cardboard. If the top is arched, cut along the lines in the middle and leave 1/2 inch on the bottom to hold the cut pieces together. Cut three strips of cardboard to match the measurement you took around your forehead. They need to be 1/2 inch wide.

Fold the sides around to make the base. To make the cardboard more bendable, spritz lightly with water. Hot glue one of the round circles to the inside of the helmet. The circle must be horizontal inside the helmet and must make a small ridge.

Cut one of the forehead circles in half and then cut one of the halves in half again. This will give you one half circle and two 1/4-sized pieces. Hot glue the half circle across the helmet from front to back on the inside ridge of the helmet. Connect the 1/4-sized pieces from the sides of the helmet to the middle of the 1/2 circle using hot glue. This gives you an arch inside the helmet.

Place the top piece onto the ridge with hot glue. Bend the wedges or triangles over the arched frame by gluing them over the frame first. Glue the rest to the bent pieces on the inside of the helmet and then smear school glue or white glue over the top.

Place the other forehead circle at the place where the top and sides connect. Secure it with hot glue.

Color the helmet with spray paint or acrylic paint to match your costume.


If you plan to wear the helmet outside, add sealant to the helmet to protect it from the elements.

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