How to Make a Cape From a Shirt

Adults and children can wear a T-shirt cape to work or to play in.
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Everyone needs a cape to wear, even if they don’t know it. Capes create hours of dress up fun for kids and adults alike. A cape is an important component of any number of superhero costumes. Recycling an old T-shirt into a new cape is a way to go green and save money. Whether you are making a cape for a boy, girl, man or woman, using a T-shirt is a simple way to make a no-sew cape in a matter of minutes.

Use scissors to cut the shirt along the right seam and along the left seam.

Use scissors to cut off the T-shirt's sleeves.

Cut from armhole to armhole across the front of the T-shirt. Cut the shoulders off of the cape. Do not cut through the seam of the neck; the neck remains attached to the cape.

Use scissors to cut a vertical line through the center of the neck collar in the front of the T-shirt. This creates a neck closure for the cape.

Cut a 2-inch piece of sticky hook and loop tape.

Adhere the sticky hook and loop tape to one side of the collar using the temporary adhesive that is on the reverse side of the sticky hook and loop tape. Do not take apart the sticky sides of the sticky hook and loop tape.

Put a hot iron on top of the inside of the collar so that the sticky hook and loop tape will stick to the collar. Lay the other side of the collar on the sticky hook and loop tape adhesive. Iron the fabric of the collar so that the sticky hook and loop tape fuses to the collar.

Create an emblem for the back of the cape by cutting out a large circle of felt in a color that contrasts with the T-shirt. Squeeze glue onto the bottom of the felt circle and then lay the bottom of the the felt circle on the back of the cape. Use scissors to cut another piece of felt into the design of your choice. Squeeze glue onto the back of the design. Lay the bottom of the felt design onto the emblem to attach it to the cape.

Decorate the cape with glitter pens and paint pens.


Be creative when designing the emblem for the cape. Use colors that are bright and a design that is meaningful to the wearer. Sticky hook and loop tape is available from crafting supply stores as well as online. This product is similar to traditional hook and loop tape, except that is has a heat-activated adhesive on both sides and requires no sewing to attach to fabric. Using this product to make the neck closure eliminates sharp edges.

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