How to Make a Bubble Quilt

A bit of stuffing added to a quilt can make a cosy end product.
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Bubble quilts first became popular during the Victorian era, and were popularized again in the 1970s because of their warm and cosy nature. A bubble quilt created by a quilting method which transforms quilt squares into tiny puffy pillows. By adding stuffing to each square, a quilt pattern becomes more defined and three-dimensional. Traditionally, bubble quilts are made from quilting scraps, resulting in a recycled masterpiece. With just a little extra material, you too can keep up this cosy quilting tradition.

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing Machine
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Or Polyester Stuffing
  • Fabric

Measure the size of a square for the quilt. Then, make the base square that size and the top square 1 1/2 times larger than the base

Pin the larger square to fit the smaller square with the 'right' sides facing each other. Align the edges of the larger and smaller square together so that the two squares can be easy sewn to one another along the edges. To make the larger square fit, it is necessary to pleat over the fabric on two of the sides, resulting in two pleats per square.

Sew the squares together using a basting stitch. Leave an opening on one side to stuff the square.

Turn the square right side out so that the correct side is showing. Stuff the square with cotton or polyester stuffing so that it is very full, then slip stitch the opening shut.

Join the squares together by the right sides using a whipstitch.

Chose regular quilting fabric to use as the backing to the quilt. Sew the backing to the quilt by quilting along the lines between puffs. Bind the edges.