How to Make a Beer Bottle Chandelier

How to Make a Beer Bottle Chandelier. A beer bottle chandelier is a unique and practical decoration for lighting. The imaginative lights have been spotted in various sizes and shapes, in restaurants and bars, with labels on the bottles and without the labels. Some people craft the lights with bulbs inside the glass of the beer bottles, while others use the beer bottles to surround lights on the chandelier. Others make a beer bottle chandelier with a kit.

Drink a lot of beer or make friends with people who enjoy drinking beer and ask them to save their bottles. Your goal is to collect a large quantity of bottles.

Wash the bottles carefully so you don't attract insects when you string up your beer bottle chandelier. Set them aside upside down so they drain properly and completely dry.

Purchase a beer bottle chandelier kit such as the one highlighted in the catalog of Tabby, Inc. When you receive the kit, make a space to put it together then carefully unpack it.

Determine the number of bottles you need to fill the circles on the chandelier. Keep a few extra bottles on hand in case you break some while putting the chandelier together. Decide what colors you want to use for your lighting since the bottles filter the light and add their own color.

Arrange the colors of your bottles for each tier of the chandelier and carefully place the bottles into the circles. Mount the chandelier to the ceiling according to the instructions that come with the kit.

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