How to Make a Beaded Hair Barrette

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Things You'll Need

  • Two needles
  • Clear thread
  • Small beads
  • Scissors
  • Barrette

Beaded barrettes may look complicated, but once you learn some basic techniques, you will be able to make your own. This basic barrette is easy enough for beginners to make. Once you have mastered this pattern, you can build on it and create more complicated designs.

Thread two needles onto a single, long piece of clear thread. Tie the ends of the thread together to make a large loop. Pull the two needles in opposite directions until the thread is tight. The needle in your right hand is the right needle and the one in your left hand is the left needle.

String one large bead onto the right needle followed by four small beads. Move the beads to the center of the string.

Thread the right needle back through the large bead. Pull the thread tight so that the small beads are wrapped around the large bead.

String one small bead followed by one large bead onto the left needle. String one small bead onto the right needle.

Push the small beads against the previously added beads, one on each side. Thread the right needle through the large bead and pull it tight.

Continue adding beads in this way until you have a long enough length of beads to cover your barrette.

Thread four small beads onto the left needle. Thread the left needle through the last large bead that was added so that the small beads wrap around the large bead. Pull the thread tight, tie it and cut off any extra length.

Remove the clasp on the barrette. Cut another long piece of clear thread and string a needle onto it. Tie the end of this thread to the end of the barrette.

Thread the needle through the large bead on the end and pull it tight. Wrap the thread around the barrette and go through the same bead again to secure the beads to the barrette.

Wrap the thread around the barrette, go through the next large bead and pull the thread tight. Continue threading the needle through each large bead and wrapping it around the barrette until you have secured the entire length of beads to the barrette.

Tie the string and cut off any extra length. Finish by replacing the clasp of the barrette


  • For added strength, you can run the thread through the large beads and wrap it around the barrette a second time.

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