How to Make a Baseball Wreath

By Jennifer Hench

Things Needed

  • Plain wreath
  • Craft wire
  • Ribbon
  • Baseballs (four to six)
  • Baseball mitt
  • Baseball bat (wooden)
Hanging baseballs from a wreath is one way to decorate.

Hanging a wreath on a door is one way to decorate for a season, theme or celebration. You can transform any basic wreath by adding the right combination of decorations and accents to craft a custom display piece. Wreaths with a baseball theme work for the summer baseball season, to celebrate a major baseball victory or simply show support for a team.

Attach a baseball glove to the top of the wreath. Loop craft wire through the holes at the wrist section of the baseball mitt and tie the wire to the wreath. Make sure to loop the craft wire at least four times around the wreath for stability. The mitt will hang in the open center section of the wreath.

Secure the baseball bat diagonally across the front of the wreath. Use craft wire to tie the bat to the wreath, making sure to secure the bat to at least two sections of the wreath to support the weight.

Wrap craft wire around a baseball, then twist the wire and wrap the ball a second time in the opposite direction. This creates a cross pattern of the wire to hold the ball in place. Attach the baseball to the wreath by using the loose end of the craft wire. Repeat the process until you have attached four evenly spaced baseballs to the wreath.


Extra decorations for the wreath might include wooden cut-outs of baseball-themed objects such as bats, balls and gloves.

Glue a team pennant across the top of the wreath to make the wreath specific to a particular baseball team.


Make sure the bat and baseballs are secured tightly before hanging the wreath.