How to Make a Balloon Pirate Sword

Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Although creating balloon animals is the most common form of balloon sculpture, it's possible to create any number of objects using balloons. A balloon pirate sword will complete any pirate costume while allowing children to swashbuckle to their hearts' content without risk of hurting one another. If you stock up on modelling balloons, the pirates can try their hands at making their own swords.

Inflate the balloon, leaving two inches of the balloon un-inflated at the far end. Tie the open end in a knot.

Fold a loop in the tied end of the balloon, which is about one hand's width in length, leaving a bubble at the far end next to the knot. Twist the balloon to create the handle.

Squeeze and bend the balloon to inflate the un-inflated end of the balloon. This is left un-inflated at the start, so it is easier to bend and twist the balloon into shape.

Pass the unknotted end of the balloon through the handle and pull it through to create the blade of the sword.

Pull the blade out of the loop again and make three golf ball-sized bubbles in a row along the sword blade near the handle. Pull the sword "blade" back through the handle loop until the first bubble is right inside the loop.