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How to Make a Horse Pinata

Make a horse pinata for the party.
horse image by ann triling from Fotolia.com

A horse piñata brings rodeo flare to a party. Filled with wrapped pieces of candy, the piñata provides entertainment for the youngsters as they take turns trying to break it open and release the treats. When making a piñata, tearing the paper, instead of cutting, makes for a smoother exterior. You’ll be a little sad when the game begins, watching this adorable horse piñata being smashed, so take lots of pictures.

Make a horse pinata for the party.
horse image by ann triling from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker
  • 12-Inch Piece Of Wire
  • Needle
  • Small Round Balloon
  • Brown Tissue Paper
  • Black Yarn
  • Glue
  • Bowl Of Liquid Starch
  • 5 Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Newspaper
  • Masking Tape
  • Large Oval Balloon

Inflate a large oval balloon. This will be the horse’s body.

Tape four empty toilet paper rolls to the underside of the balloon for the horse’s legs. Depending on the size of the balloon, the rolls may need to be shortened, so that the legs don’t appear too long. Trim the rolls, if necessary, before attaching them to the balloon, and make all the rolls the same length.

Tape one empty toilet paper roll onto one upper end of the horse, as a neck. If necessary, shorten the roll, depending on the size of the balloon.

Inflate the small round balloon, making it just large enough for the horse’s head.

Tape the small balloon atop the neck.

Fashion triangular ears from masking tape and affix them to the top of the horse’s head.

Widen the neck of the horse by adding strips of tape from the head to the horse’s body. You will later cover this with papier mache, which will firm up the area.

Tear newspaper into narrow strips, about 6 inches long. You will need enough newspaper to cover the piñata three times.

Dip a newspaper strip into liquid starch, and pull through two fingers, removing excess liquid. Lay the wet strip across the balloon, and smooth. Repeat, adding more strips in a crisscross pattern until the entire horse shape is covered.

Allow to dry, and then add another layer. Allow to dry, and then add the third layer.

Tear brown tissue paper into strips and apply to the piñata, in the same fashion used when adding newspaper. Cover the piñata entirely, until the newsprint is not visible. If necessary, allow the layer to dry and add a second layer. Allow to dry.

Draw facial features on the horse using a permanent marker.

Cut yarn into short lengths, for the tail and mane, and glue into place. The yarn for the tail should be longer than the yarn for the mane.

Insert a needle into the top of the horse’s body to pop the body’s balloon. Cut a small flap (just large enough to insert candy) into this area.

Poke two holes, 3 inches apart, at the top of the horse’s body and at the base of the neck and run a piece of wire through the holes to make a loop, to use for attaching a rope, when hanging the horse piñata.

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