How to Make a Backhoe Costume

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Lots of little boys and girls are fascinated by construction sites and the huge machines used there. One popular construction machine, the backhoe, can be an interesting Halloween costume. A backhoe is an excavating machine with a rear digger arm called the "dipper" and a larger front shovel called the "loader." Create a backhoe costume with some cardboard and paint for the child who enjoys construction machines to make a Halloween costume.

Things You'll Need

  • Four Smaller Cardboard Circles
  • Black Paint
  • Two Long Pieces Of Stiff Cardboard
  • Yellow Paint
  • Rubber Cement Or Strong Glue
  • Large Cardboard Box
  • Two Large Pieces Of Flexible Poster-Board

Find a cardboard box big enough to fit the wearer. Cut out two arm-holes on the sides and one neck-hole at the top. Paint the outside of the box yellow and let dry.

Cut four small circles out of a piece of cardboard to use as the backhoe's wheels. Paint them black and let dry. Attach to the lower portion of the main box frame with rubber cement.

Create the front loader of the backhoe by cutting two large half-circles out of stiff cardboard. These will be the sides of the loader. Connect them by aligning them with a large piece of flexible poster-board and rubber cementing the poster-board to the curved edges of the half-circles to create a large shovel. Paint yellow and let dry. Attach this shovel to the front of the main box frame with rubber cement.

Cut two long, thin pieces of cardboard and glue together to form a long "v" shape. Attach the two ends of the "v" to the back of the main box frame so that the point of the "v" is facing diagonally vertical. Paint yellow and let dry.

Glue a third long, thin piece of cardboard hanging down from the point of the "v." The shovel portion of the backhoe will be attached to the bottom half of this piece. Paint yellow and let dry.

Create a smaller version of the loader by cutting two smaller half-circles and attaching them with a smaller piece of flexible poster-board. Paint yellow, let dry and attach to the end of the hanging cardboard piece to complete your backhoe costume.