How to Make a Baby New Year Costume

Things You'll Need

  • Wide ribbon or sash
  • Black top hat
  • White cloth wrap or diaper
  • Noisemaker, champagne bottle or martini glass

How to Make a Baby New Year Costume. Whether you're dressing up for New Year's Eve, Halloween or a random costume party, a Baby New Year costume is a fun and simple choice. Traditionally, Baby New Year personifies the beginning of a new calendar year, and is mentored by Father Time. With a few key elements, you can create your own Baby New Year Costume that is both traditional and adds some fun new twists.

Drape a wide ribbon or sash, similar to the ones worn by beauty pageant contestants, diagonally across your chest. The sash should read, "Happy New Year," and include the new year's date.

Swathe yourself in white cloth around your hips or an actual diaper. Pin with a few baby blue safety pins for added effect.

Carry a festive New Year's accessory in your hand, such as a martini glass, a bottle of champagne or a noisemaker.

Wear an old-fashioned black top hat on your head, like the one worn by Frosty the Snowman and the Monopoly Man.


  • For added touches, wear a bow tie around your neck or tie helium balloons to your wrists. Get someone to accompany you as "Father Time" for the complete effect. Encourage a friend to dress up with a long beard, cloak and clock on a string. This costume works well for actual babies and bald men. Women can also pull off this costume with a short toga wrap around their chest.

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