How to Make a Baby Crochet Tutu Dress

Things You'll Need

  • Size D crochet hook
  • Medium-weight stretch yarn

A crocheted tutu dress is the perfect outfit for a baby girl's first picture. Strips of tulle attached to a charming tube top crocheted with a stretchy yarn creates an outfit that turns the baby into a cherubic image. Add a stretchy headband for the total feminine look. The stretchy yarn tube top can fit the average baby girl who is between the ages of newborn to 6 months.

Crochet 26 chain stitches, using a size D crochet hook and medium-weight stretch yarn. Wrap the chain around the baby's middle to see if the tutu will fit around her. If it's too large, remove a few stitches and if it's too small add a few stitches.

Crochet a triple crochet in the fourth chain stitch from the hook. Crochet a triple crochet stitch in each chain stitch across the row.

Crochet 3 crochet stitches. Crochet a triple crochet stitch in each of the previous row stitches. Repeat this pattern for 18 rows.

Remove the hook and cut the yarn leaving a 1-inch-long tail. Place the tail inside the loop and pull. Weave the tail through the last few stitches.

Cut a strip of 3-inch-wide tulle into a 12-inch-long strip. Cut 25 more of these strips.

Hold two strips of the tulle together, and bend them in half. Slip the bent end between two triple crochet stitches in the first row of the crochet, approximately 1 inch in. Slip the free end of the tulle strip into the loop formed at the bent end and pull tightly to attach the tulle to the crocheted fabric.

Skip one space and repeat Step 5 in the next space. Repeat this procedure around the edge of the crocheted fabric.

Thread an embroidery needle with crochet thread of the same color as the stretch yarn. Use the needle to sew the sides of the tutu dress together.


  • For added color, make the dress using one color and the tutu using another color.

    Make the tulle longer for an older baby.