How to Make a 4th of July Tie Dye Shirt

The 4th of July is coming up quick and we want to be prepared with some fun and festive shirts! This tie dye shirt is a lot of fun to make with kids and has a really fun outcome! You can even use an older stained shirt to give it new life.

Tie the rubber bands around the sections where you would like the color to end. I chose to have the shirt be red on top, white in the middle, and blue on the bottom, so I only needed two rubber bands to separate the colors.

Once your shirt is sectioned off, it's time to dye! I went the spray dye route. It is really easy to use and there is no boiling water involved! Follow the instructions on the dye and either spray or dip your section into the dye completely covering the area. Be sure to get in between folds and cracks!

While the shirt is still wet from the dye, carefully remove the rubber bands and touch up any areas you feel need a bit more dye. Let it air dry completely. I set mine out in the sun and it dried in no time! Be sure not to hang it up or the colors might bleed down where they are unwanted. To finish it off, you can toss it in the dryer for 10–20 minutes to help the colors set.

And you are done! Enjoy your fun new patriotic shirt!

About the Author

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