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How to Look Like Gabriella Montez

Look Like Gabriella Montez

Gabriella Montez is the brainy math-loving leading lady of "High School Musical." Aside from Gabriella Montez's impressive drive to follow her dreams, the savvy high school student also has a great look that you can achieve with a little bit of effort.

Start with coloring and shaping your hair to get it to look like Gabriella Montez's flowing and wavy chestnut brown hair. If you need to add some body to your hair, find a good shampoo to the do the job and get a high quality dye to match the High School Musical star's hair. Alternate styles by wearing your hair down or braiding it into two tight strands that hang over your shoulders.

Dress preppy and cute with light, spring time colors from Juicy Couture's girls' collection. Look at Hype's spring dresses and Pirouette's patterned dresses to get Gabriella Montez's more dressed up look. Find dresses that come a few tantalizing but tasteful inches above the knee and are cut in baby doll style with a ribbon around the midsection. Light colored, trendy sweaters from Roxy and Angel Kiss are also an important part of the High School Musical look.

Flash your sweetest and most charming smile as often as you can to look like the almost constantly smiling Gabriella Montez. Some light Hard Candy lipstick and a little bit of lip gloss (especially on your lower lip) help accentuate that heart winning smile that High School Musical fans came to love.

Carry yourself correctly by staying alert, focused, friendly and driven as you walk around at all times. You'll almost never see Gabriella Montez walking around school looking sulky, depressed or lazy. So keep your energy friendly and happy to look like the high school star.

Get a nice, even tan and keep your teeth sparkling and white. If you want to go the full measure but don't have Gabriella Montez's big brown eyes, then think about wearing some brown contacts from Acuvue to achieve the right effect.

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