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How to Listen to Sample Music on iTunes

The iTunes application stores, organizes and plays digital music and videos. It includes a store that sells thousands of songs and each one of them includes a short sample. There is no charge to listen to these samples and no limit to how many you can play. Listening to iTunes music samples is a straightforward process you can complete with a few clicks of your mouse.

Click the iTunes icon on your desktop or quick launch taskbar to open the program.

Click the “iTunes Store” link listed in the options on the left side of the iTunes page.


Type the name of a song or album in the search field in the upper right-hand corner. Press “Enter.” A list of songs or the single song you requested will appear on your screen.


Move your mouse pointer over the title of the song that you would like to sample and a blue “Play” button will appear. Click on the “Play” button and you will hear a sample of that song.

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