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How to Learn Tailoring Online

Learn tailoring in the comfort of your own home.
sewing machine image by Peter Baxter from Fotolia.com

Tailoring is a skill that you can learn without any sewing skills to begin with. While you can go to classes that are in the neighborhood, you can also find online tailoring classes. With these courses, you can finish each module at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. You can also choose the modules that interest you the most: like learning to make a dress for your child or curtains for your new home. Both paid and free courses are available online.

Decide if you want to make dresses for your daughter, or upholstery, for instance. Then browse the Internet for classes specific to the type of tailoring that you want to learn. The Resources section within this article provides some site options.

Opt for free online courses to learn the basics such as making a pillowcase. You can usually take these at your leisure, and the lessons will always be there for you to reference when necessary.

Pay for the course, if payment is required. Once you have made the payment via the means specified on the site, you will begin to receive your lessons via email. You will receive work patterns and detailed explanations of each lesson.

Choose the particular module that you want to begin with. Start with a module that is simple for you, then graduate to the most complicated. For instance, you should learn to make a simple pillowcase before you make one with fringe or piping. Make sure you check the list of required materials and have all materials ready before you start your course.

Choose courses that have more than one pattern at the end of the module. This will help you enhance your skill set.

Create your profile on the website you're using to take the course. This is a simple way of keeping in touch with course teachers, getting updates on new courses, and receiving tips from other students.

Finish each project completely before moving on to the next. This will provide the proper foundation for you to apply your skills to more difficult projects. Be aware of any mandatory passing grades for each level, which if not attained, will prevent you from advancing.


  • Some courses require that you have Adobe installed on your computer. Make sure that you have system space to install it, if necessary.
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