How to Learn Creative Handwriting for Greeting Cards and Scrapbooking

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Homemade greeting cards, scrapbook pages and other decorative crafts are always fun to create and wonderful to receive. For some projects, such as writing a short note in a card or journaling in your scrapbook, you need to hand-write your sentiments. Unfortunately, not everyone has creative or even legible handwriting. There are many ways you can improve your penmanship so you can feel good about adding your handwriting to your homemade projects.

Check out local craft stores or adult education programs in your community.
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Sign up for a creative handwriting class. Community adult learning programs and some scrapbooking and craft stores offer classes periodically that specialize in various types of crafts. Some classes, such as calligraphy, focus entirely on a style of handwriting.

Practice writing the new font so you are comfortable with it.
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Duplicate and practice, practice, practice! Look through a scrapbooking or card-making magazine or book and find a font that would be fitting for your project. If the book or magazine is not yours, make a photocopy of the letters, both upper- and lowercase. On a blank sheet of scratch paper, practice writing the letters separately. Once you master the individual letters, combine them in various words to get the feel of connecting them to one another.

Browse the Web for new font ideas.
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Surf the Internet. You can find many handwritten and calligraphy fonts that offer an artistic flair. You can even download entire alphabets from free font sites like and Print out the alphabet of your choice, and practice on a piece of scratch paper.

Find online videos to help you master creative handwriting.
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Search for instructional how-to videos regarding various handwriting techniques. You Tube is a popular site for crafters who want to learn new tricks of the trade. You can follow step-by-step instructions to make written masterpieces for any one of your projects.

A scrapbooking consultant is the perfect person to provide one-on-one instruction.
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Ask a consultant. Craft consultants specialize in various crafts such as card-making or scrapbooking. Though a majority of consultants are in the business to sell products and do so through events and open house parties, many of them are excited and willing to teach a fellow crafter a new tool or skill. If you do not know of any consultants in your area, you can ask at a local craft or scrapbooking store or search online.