How to Learn Calligraphy Online

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Things You'll Need

  • Calligraphy pen, felt tip marker or fine point pen
  • Calligraphy paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. Many calligraphy classes are offered in design and art schools, and some private instructors teach classes as well. Calligraphy classes are considered specialty classes and they may not be offered in every academic institution. There is a repository of calligraphy lessons online that you can take advantage of to learn calligraphy. The combination of online tutorials, resources and videos allow you to master calligraphy at home.

Pick a calligraphy site online among the different portals available to help get you started in learning calligraphy online. Many websites have different styles of teaching, and selecting one will help you focus and finish a particular program or lesson at a time. You can then move on to other websites once you have a grasp on the basics of calligraphy. There are many websites out there that can teach you calligraphy, and some can even teach you calligraphy in other languages. You have to narrow down your choices to the ones most suitable for your needs.

Buy materials that are needed for your calligraphy studies online. You will need calligraphy paper, which are ruled to help guide you as you create calligraphy strokes. You will also need a calligraphy pen, which has a unique edge to help you create strokes. You may also buy a fountain pen, but that will be more useful when you are in a more advanced stage. For beginners, a felt tip marker, fine point pen or calligraphy pen will do.

Copy the letters based on the letter formation guidelines of basic calligraphy. has a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to start letter strokes. Make sure that you are working within the boundaries of the ruled calligraphy paper, and you should focus on writing each letter successfully in the way it's supposed to be written.

Watch online video tutorials to help you gain more techniques in writing calligraphy. Videos allow you to see how each letter is formed in real time. It also helps you gain tips on how to write in a more fluid way as you observe professionals create strokes. YouTube has a vast collection of calligraphy videos online. Type the word "calligraphy" on to see the calligraphy tutorials available.

Practice your strokes in order to master a steady and uniformed writing style. Mastering calligraphy takes practice. Take a clean piece of calligraphy paper and practice copying the calligraphy letters while keeping in mind the steps of the strokes. Do this repeatedly until the steps of the strokes are second nature to you and you can focus on adding your style and learning more about other calligraphy styles.