How to Knit Baby Booties for Beginners

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Things You'll Need

  • Size 4 knitting needles
  • Yarn
  • Large darning needle

Once, knitted baby booties were an essential part of any baby layette. Then the industrial revolution made machine knitted socks and mass-produced baby shoes a common sight. Most moms today use these inexpensive alternatives, but many doting crafters still knit these tiny booties for cherished babies. There are many different types of bootie patterns. When you have finished a pair of booties, you will not only have a lovely gift, but you will also know how to knit a heel.

Cast on 31 stitches. Purl the first row. Knit the second row. Purl the third row and knit the fourth. Purl the fifth row. For the entire project, purl odd-numbered rows and knit even-numbered rows.

Start shaping the heel on row six. Knit 17 stitches. Slip one stitch with the needle toward the back as if knitting, knit two stitches together and pass the slipped stitch over the stitch just knitted.

Turn the work around just as if you had finished the entire row. Even though it is in the middle of the row, follow the instructions in the middle of the row.

Slip one stitch with the needle from the front as if purling to begin to begin row seven. Purl three stitches and then purl three together. Turn the project. For row eight, knit three stitches. Slip another stitch as if knitting, knit two stitches together and pass the slipped stitch over the stitch just made. Turn the work. Repeat the seventh and eighth rows. Then repeat the seventh row one last time, turning the work each time.

Slip the first stitch of the twelfth row as if knitting, then knit the next 11 stitches. This will take you to the end of the work. Alternate a row of purling with a row of knitting for the next 13 rows. Cast off the stitches.

Sew both sides of the knitting together to form a seam on top of the bootie from the toe to the ankle with a short piece of yarn. Repeat the project for the second bootie.


  • Use soft, light yarn. It's usually marketed as "baby-weight."


  • Do not decorate the booties with buttons, pom poms or ribbon bows. They may look cute, but they are a choking hazard.