How to Knit an Easy Baby Sweater and More Free Patterns

Baby looks good in a fashionable  sweater.
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Knitting is not as complicated as it looks. While it does require a little coordination and some practice, if you stick with it, you can actually become a reasonably accomplished knitter in just a few days. After you have gotten the basics of knitting down and knitted a couple of scarves or basic decorative pieces, it is time to think about knitting your first piece of clothing. Many beginners start with a pair of socks or a baby sweater.

Things You'll Need

  • 100 To 120 Grams (3.5 To 4.5 Ounces) Worsted Weight Yarn
  • Baby Sweater Pattern
  • Size 8-11 Knitting Needles

Choose your baby sweater pattern. You can find a number of free easy baby sweater patterns and other free sock, cap, pillow cover and blanket patterns with a search on the Web. Most baby sweater patterns require 3.5 to 4.5 ounces, or 100 to 120 grams, of yarn and recommend using knitting needles ranging from size 8 to size 11.

Review the baby sweater pattern you chose carefully before you begin knitting. Make sure you understand the steps and the types of knitting involved in making the various sections of the sweater.

Knit the sweater according to the instructions in the pattern. Easy baby sweater patterns generally only require you to perform basic cast-on, knitting and purling stitches. Check out KnittingHelp website for useful tips or advice if you get stuck.

Personalize your baby sweater by using various colors of yarn. You can even add colored stripes to your sweater.


  • Most knitting patterns also offer a few variations on the basic sweater pattern. You can, for example, add a hood or button band to a baby sweater to give it a more modern look.