How to Knit a Dish Towel

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton yarn, 1 skein
  • Knitting needles, size 6
  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors

Create a set of dish towels by using this simple and flexible knitting pattern. Enjoy a quick and relaxing project by working with an absorbent cotton yarn. This project is not only inexpensive, but can be completed in a weekend. It also offers a surprise bonus by using a larger size knitting needle and the appropriate choice of yarn and color. You can design a baby blanket with this pattern by easily adjusting the increase and decrease directions.

Cast on eight stitches on the needle and purl one row. Turn for row two and knit four, then yarn over and knit to the end of the row. In row three you will knit four, yarn over, and purl to the end of this row. Repeat rows two and three until you have reached half of the size you want your dish towel to be. You have been increasing up to this point. End the last increasing row with a purl row.

Begin to decrease your pattern at this point. In row one, knit three, then knit two together. Yarn over and knit two stitches together again. Knit until the end of the row. In row two, you will knit three, then knit two together. Once again, yarn over and knit two together, then purl to the end of this row. This section has been decreasing the size of the towel.

Complete the dish towel by ending with eight stitches left on the needle. Bind of these stitches and end with a knot. With the crochet hook, weave in the remaining yarn into the stitches.

Create a different look for the towel by using a garter stitch instead of the stockinette stitch as shown in this pattern.

Design different size towels to make a set by adjusting the increase and decrease sections.


  • The quality of the yarn should be considered when making this project. The original colors will probably fade with use if used as a dish towel.