How to Join Multiple Strands of Beading

Join multiple strands of beads together to make one piece of jewelry.
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A necklace or bracelet with multiple strands of beading must connect at the ends to join to a single clasp. Techniques for joining multiple strands of beading vary based on personal preference and on the beading material used to make the beading strands. Select your method and affix the beading cord, line or wire on one end before you string your beads. If you are undecided about the connecting techniques, leave several inches of line, cord or wire at each end of the strand to help make the connection.

Joining Multiple Strands of Beading Cord or Monofilament Line

Tie each end of multiple strands of beading around one large, closed jump ring using a double overhand knot. Feed the excess cord back down into the beading strand. Cover the knot with jeweler’s glue. Connect each closed jump ring to one section of a jewelry clasp with a small split jump ring. To open the split jump ring, push the wire at the split forward or backward with flat nose pliers; do not pull the ring open.

Tie each end of the beaded cord to the round metal circle on an eye pin using a double overhand knot. Feed the excess and cover the knot with glue. Group the eye pin wires together and insert them through an end cone with a large opening. Twist the wires together as they exit the end cone. Use round nose pliers to shape the twisted wires into a loop. Do this on each end of the beading strands. Connect one section of the jewelry clasp to the twisted wire loop with a small jump ring.

Tie each end of multiple strands to a multiple loop end connector. Multiple loop jewelry connectors are made from a variety of metals and have one loop on one side and two or more loops on the opposite side. Feed the excess cord or line and cover the knots with jeweler’s glue. Attach one section of clasp to the single loop on the opposite side of the connector with a small jump ring.

Joining Multiple Strands of Beading Wire

Slide a crimp bead over the loose wire at each end of a beading strand.

Fold the wire behind the crimp bead over a small closed jump ring, eye pin loop or multiple connector loop. Feed the wire back through the crimp bead and into the first few beads in the strand.

Crimp the bead with crimping pliers. Cover the crimp bead with a crimp bead cover.

Attach the jewelry clasp to the closed jump ring or multiple connector loop with a split jump ring. Feed the eye pins through an end cone, make a loop and attach the clasp with a split jump ring.

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