How to Install a Dish Network Satellite

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • Shovel or spade
  • Dish Network satellite dish
  • Coax cable
  • Dish Network television receiver
  • Instruction manual packaged with satellite dish
  • Television set

Proper Dish Network satellite installation can take upwards of two to three hours to complete and if you order from a specific Dish Network dealer you will be charged a few hundred dollars to have your satellite installed by a Dish Network professional. But, thankfully, this is not your only option. This article will walk you through how to install a Dish Network satellite on your own.

Make sure the location you choose to place your Dish Network satellite is at least 100 feet from where a television will be.

Make sure there is nothing to block your view -- especially trees or other buildings, as this can impact your satellite's reception and interfere with your ability to watch TV.

Turn the dish in the correct direction. Your Dish Network satellite dish must face South to work properly.

Drill holes into the surface where you are going to mount your satellite dish.

Mount the satellite dish using the mounting tools that came in your Dish Network packaging along with the satellite dish.

Adjust the dish so it is pointing due South.

Lay the coax cable on the ground -- starting from the satellite dish and ending where it will enter your house.

Drill a hole through your house or building's wall and guide the coax cable through it toward your television set and receiver.

Attach the cable to both the dish and your receiver.

Dig a trench, or at the very least lift a significant amount of grass or dirt, following the path of the coax cable.

Cover the length of the coax cable with the dirt, sod or grass that you lifted in Step 1.

Retrace your steps to ensure all cable is sufficiently buried. An exposed coax cable is a danger to those who cross its path.

Plug your reciever into an electrical outlet near your television set.

Connect your receiver to the TV.

Turn the TV and the receiver on simultaneously.

Follow the setup instructions that will appear on your television screen.

Call Dish Network at 1-866-709-3474 to notify them that your installation is complete.


  • If you want to order movies or make changes to your account using your Dish Network remote, your receiver must be connected to a telephone line. If you have more than one receiver, they all must be connected to the same phone line to take advantage of this feature. If you don't have a phone line nearby that can be easily connected to your receiver, don't despair. You can still order Pay-Per-View movies or update your account via Dish Network's website or through their toll-free number.


  • If you are not extremely handy with tools and comfortable handling electronic equipment then installing a Dish Network satellite may not be the kind of job you want to undertake. Dish Network recommends professional installation, and it is often times free when you sign up for satellite TV service with DISH Network providers. Having professionals handle things means that at best everything will be installed without a hitch, and at worst you have recourse if the installation goes badly.